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Fruit is truly nature's ultimate fast food and is enjoyed by young and old alike. We put together a box of fruits for the fruit lovers which changes each week with what is in season and available.  



Fruit Box

  • We strive to only include the best quality products and produce in your box, however by its nature, organically farmed produce is more susceptible to “imperfections” and the effects or presence of insects/mould etc than it’s conventional counterparts. Being human, we may miss bumps, bruises and other spoilage from time to time, but if you are ever unhappy with anything you receive, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we will attempt to resolve this with you to your satisfaction by replacing anything defective in the following weeks delivery. We ask that you let us know by email within 24 hours or delivery and include a photo in your email (as the issue may also need to passed on to our suppliers). If we cannot reach a satisfactory outcome we will happily refund the value of the affected item/s.

  • Your box will be delivered on either Thursday or Friday depending on what area you live in! We'll get back to you and let you know which day you can expect your delivery.

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