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Autumn: 7th April, 2022

Hey you,

I hope you are having a wonderful week and keeping well! I have been shocked this week how many boxes we are delivering to people in isolation! Thankfully our household and the small number of people who work with us have stayed healthy too. Phew!

Easter Delivery Days and Hot X Buns

If you have kids, I'm sure you're well aware that it is Easter next week! My kids keep reminding me they want the "supermarket chocolate, mum!" and go on to retell the story of the year I made all of their Easter eggs which was much harder than I thought and they cried because they didn't taste nice and I cried because I worked really hard and now I was going to have to eat them all! Any who (enough rehashing old trauma), as a result of the upcoming Easter holidays, we will be delivering all boxes one day earlier to avoid delivering on Good Friday. So for next week only if you normally receive a delivery on Thursday, your box will be delivered on Wednesday and if you normally receive a box on Friday, your box will be delivered on Thursday. If you're thinking about skipping next weeks delivery, could you please let me know ASAP as it will help with my planning!

Uraidla Bakery have their famous hot cross buns on offer again! This year they are baking special vegan hot cross buns too.

The prices are:

Traditional fruit hot cross buns (vegan available): $3.20 each, $18/6 buns or $30/12 buns

Chocolate hot cross buns (vegan not available). $3.50 each, $20/6 buns of $40/12 buns

Just pop through an email if you'd like some added.

I was really hoping to find a gluten free hot cross bun baker for this year but unfortunately I couldn't. If you know of any local gluten free bakers who are definitely making GF hot cross buns this year please let me know and I'll see if I can arrange some for next week.

This weeks box

We are well underway with our autumn veg and I am loving it! This week we have Apples, bananas, pears, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, corn, lettuce, zucchini, potatoes, and silverbeet. Delish! The apples are a wee bit smaller this year which is apparently due to the cooler summer we experienced but still a few mouthfuls of absolute heaven.

Henri made an incredible curry using the silverbeet last night which was a bit like a Palak Paneer curry but instead of cheese he used jackfruit. He also added in potatoes, broccoli and corn. Surprisingly the children all enjoyed it and weren't put off by the intense green! Yes!

We only put 1/4 cabbage portions in each box as the feedback has been it's hard to use up! Do you have a fav cabbage recipe? We tend to use ours in salads, fritters, soups and stir fry. But you never need a lot so I do understand that anymore than 1/4 would take a bit of effort to use in a week.

Our bananas seem to be going brown in our fruit bowl recently as we're not getting through them all. Luckily we have been using them to bake banana and apple muffins (could be subbed for pears). I always add in a half cup of oats to my muffin mixture to make them a bit more filling. We have bulk organic oats that are available to add to your box too!

Honest to Goodness bulk order

Speaking of bulk oats, just a reminder that our Honest to Goodness order closes this Sunday night so make sure you have finalised your orders! If you'd like to be added to our order just shoot through an email and I'll get right on it!

Wine of the Week

Lastly, we have just introduced 'Wine of the Week' where we are showcasing a new wine each week and offering it to our wonderful customers at 10% off. All our the wines we stock are SA local, small batch, low intervention, low sulfite and vegan. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram page on Wednesday to check out our new wine of the week.

Have a beautiful rest of your week and a lovely weekend.

Love, Peta


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